I’m Hoping This Will Get Rid of the Woodpeckers

get rid of the woodpeckers

If you’ve been following my newsletter, you know I have a woodpecker problem. Well, today I hung scare tape, a fake owl, and cleaned off the deck. My next plan to get rid of the woodpeckers is to spray the repellent I bought and fix the damage they’ve done to the decorative frame around my window. That requires renting a ladder tall enough, but I didn’t want to wait to get started scaring the woodpeckers away.

Preparing the scare tape

To prepare the scare tape I first reinforced it with duct tape on one end and tied them with hemp cord onto my deck railing. Only a square knot would hold hemp together, so I’m glad I went to girls’ camp and learned all about knots as a teen. Let’s hope this works!

Unfortunately, while I was outside, I noticed weeds are taking over the grass. Guess that’ll be my next nonwriting project.

get rid of woodpeckers by preparing the scare tape scare tape doing its job

Then I cleaned off the deck!

get rid of woodpeckers! All cleaned up!

Let’s not forget the fake owl!

I just hung him on the edge of my hammock for now. I’m hoping to put him higher once I rent the ladder. No, he’s not electronic or another, but we get wind ┬áhere.

fake owl to get rid of wood

I’ll let you know if it works to get rid of the woodpeckers. Stay tuned!

Teyla Rachel Branton

4 Responses to “I’m Hoping This Will Get Rid of the Woodpeckers”

  1. Susan BD

    You may need to hang the scare tape up by their nest.

    • Teyla Rachel Branton

      Yeah, I’m a little worried about that. But when I rent the (really tall) ladder to spray up there, I’ll hang more! Thank you for the comment!

  2. Cathy Davidson

    Looks like you are really going for it…I love the owl! I really hope it all helps you!!

    • Phycilla Gable

      You can use Habanero peppers and their juice and spread it wherever they have pecked are sit and they will go away and not come back!


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