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Imprints Series Prequel Sneak Peek

I hope you enjoy this free introduction to my Imprints series. In the first five novels, I reference Autumn and Shannon’s first case together, and readers wanted the story, so here it is!

Sneak Peek of On the Hunt

Police believe Dennis Briggs left home voluntarily, but his wife is convinced something sinister has happened. In desperation, she turns to Autumn Rain for help.

13 Funny Book Warnings for Book Lovers

Did you know reading books can be dangerous? I hope you enjoy these funny book warnings for book lovers memes as much as I enjoy creating them. Feel free to share them on social media! 1. Because we all know how much attention we pay to everything around us when we’re reading.   2. How […]

Easy Pumpkin Pie Recipe That Never Fails

I’m the first to admit I’m a terrible cook, but I LOVE pumpkin pie, so I need a fail safe recipe that is also yummy. Here is my secret Thanksgiving weapon.