10 Funny Grammar Mistakes on Signs

I hope you laugh out loud at these 10 Funny Grammar Mistakes on Signs. I did!  The first picture I took myself. The others I saw posted on the web. You’ll notice some similarities in the mistakes. Enjoy! Oh, and if you find errors here or on other places on my website, please let me know. I’m only human too, just like all those who made these signs.

#1 No cutting of tree’s

Tree’s what? Leaves? branches? I found this on a walk up the canyon trail. Adding an apostrophe when there is no possessive is a common error. But can you also find another error here?

Utah County grammar mistake - 10 Funny Actual Grammar Mistakes on Signs

#2 “Regreted” “in convenience” for the “cautiaon”

I believe this must have been created by someone who uses English as a second language. It might be funny, but you know what? I bet they speak, read, and write their language way better than I can!

10 Funny Actual Grammar Mistakes on Signs #2

Credit to Amal.Net

#3 Its/it’s

Its/it’s another common apostrophe error because unlike other possessives, “its” doesn’t take an apostrophe with a possessive, but this “its” here should have the apostrophe because it isn’t possessive. They meant “it is the law.

10 Funny Actual Grammar Mistakes on Signs #3

#4 Your/You’re

This is a common error found all over the internet.

10 Funny Actual Grammar Mistakes on Signs #4

Credit to Bit Rebels

#5 Oh, that is too much!

10 Funny Actual Grammar Mistakes on Signs #5

Credit to Bit Rebels

#6 My favorite of all these 10 Funny Grammar Mistakes

Bachelors looking for wives should definitely stay here!

#7 Seriously bad

Little did your child know he would be sold into prostitution for stealing that candy bar.

10 Funny Actual Grammar Mistakes on Signs #7

Credit to Spot Sumo

#8 Become richer with violation

If you believe this sign, your car will be towed, but you’ll FIND $50 bucks. Do you believe it? This is one of the 10 funny grammar mistakes you might wish was true.

10 Funny Actual Grammar Mistakes on Signs #8

Credit to Viral Nova

#9 Maybe “Sign” is a person?

Signs don’t own anything so we don’t need an apostrophe.

10 Funny Actual Grammar Mistakes on Signs #9

Credit to Edit Blog

#10 Your/you’re again.

I told you it was common!

There you go! The next to you accidentally post something with a grammar error, be calm! You can’t do worse than these 10 funny grammar mistakes that someone paid for and posted. It’s kind of like a book that you publish . . . well, at least we can fix those errors in new copies.

Have a great day!

Teyla Racchel Branton

8 Responses to “10 Funny Grammar Mistakes on Signs”

  1. Ben

    The Days Inn sign is actually vandalism. Someone switched the “E” in “ESPN” with the second “I” in “WIFI”. look at the bottom line of the sign. Still funny!

  2. Renae

    In your first picture, it wasn’t the grammar error in ‘tree’s’ that I noticed first. It was the spelling error in the word ‘vehciles’ in the third point that caught my eye first.

    You said at the top of the page that if we see any errors ourselves on your page, we should point them out. So I’m going to below. My apologies!

    I don’t understand what you mean with the third picture. You’ve said that, “unlike other possessives, the “its” shouldn’t have the apostrophe.” The ‘its’ in the picture DOESN’T have the apostrophe. But it should. In this instance, it’s a contraction and nothing to do with the possessive.

    I’m also not sure, with picture number five, if your title should have the word ‘that’ in it.

    With picture number nine, you’ve said, “Again with the apostrophe that should be there.” I think you meant the apostrophe that SHOULDN’T be there. Because it shouldn’t, seeing as it’s a pluralisation and not a possessive. (Unless you’re correct and ‘Sign’ is a person!)

    And below picture ten you’ve said, “The next to you accidentally post something with a grammar error, be calm!” I think that should read, “The next TIME you…”

    I like finding errors myself, as you can possibly tell. 🙂 I’ve just finished reading ‘The Change’ (seriously LOVED it!!!) and came to sign up at your website. I couldn’t resist the title of this post. For the record, I think I noticed possibly one typo in ‘The Change’, but I couldn’t tell you what it was, as I got swept along with the story. It was pretty darn clean in that respect, which I really appreciated about it. I hate getting pulled out of a story because I’m stumbling over errors left, right and centre.

    Anyway, off to join up!!

    • Teyla Rachel Branton

      Thank you so much! I threw this up so fast that editing apparently went out the window (though I tried). I love editors because they always make me look better. For the ITS comment, I meant that people often don’t include the apostrophe because they know it doesn’t need one for the possessive, but the sign above isn’t possessive so they should have the apostrophe. I’ll clarify. And take out the “this” in #5. And you’re right the “vehicle” mistake is so much more prominent! I took it over a year ago, and was saving it for my new website and didn’t read through it all again (I was on a possessive kick). Thank you Thank you!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the book!

  3. Maxilyn

    I still giggle over the sign outside one of the rooms at my husband’s work: Quality Assurance Conferance Room.


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