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Finding Home #2

All That I Love

by Rachel Branton, 318 pages

One choice, one decision, has led Mercedes to this place. How can she live with the consequences?

One decision frozen in time. A choice that can never be altered.

After fighting her way through a bitter and hurtful past, Mercedes Johnson has painstakingly carved out a life of quiet contentment on a Wyoming farm with her husband, Wayne, and their three sons. Together she and Wayne have survived the worst trials a couple can face, and their relationship has grown as solid and lasting as the farmland beneath their feet. If their relationship is not everything Mercedes might have hoped for, it is enough.

All that changes when the birth father of Mercedes’ oldest child returns to Riverton. Dr. Brandon Rhodes, a renowned heart surgeon, has plans for the son he has never met. Resentful at the secret Mercedes has kept for thirteen years, he threatens the carefully balanced life she and Wayne have created. Just how far is he willing to go to gain what he feels is rightfully his?

As Mercedes uncovers the truth of Brandon’s intentions regarding their son and the lies surrounding the past, she is torn between what is and what might have been. One choice, one decision, has led her to this place. How can she live with the consequences?


H. Horton says...

"I love all of Rachel's books. While at a book signing, she said she thought this one was one of her best works. I was skeptical, but I have to agree. Great characters, as usual, and with her unique human touch to them that I love. Powerful writing! I didn't want to put it down once I started, and couldn't toward the end (who needs sleep?). It is the second in this new "series," but it can be read as a "stand alone" without missing anything. I also recommend the first one, [Take Me Home,] and just about any of her others"

Lillian B. Dann says...

"I discovered her accidentally and can't stop reading her books. I have loved every one of them so far. My new favorite author!"

Jodi says...

"I can only say this is another great book from my favorite author. Each chapter kept me reading through. I enjoyed it and hope for more."

Stacey Darais says...

"Great book! Rachel has written real characters dealing with real problems in very human ways. This is her best book yet!"