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A Town Called Forgotten #4

Everything About You

by Rachel Branton

A fake boyfriend to satisfy her family and throw off her ex-crush seems the perfect way to carry on her life without complications. But a Harvest Festival kiss from a certain handsome farmer turns her world upside down. Welcome to the small town of Forgotten!

A fake boyfriend seems the perfect way for Laina to protect herself from another broken heart, but when she’s haunted by a kiss, it’s time to take matters into her own hands.

Laina Cox didn’t set out to be Jeremy Wilson’s fake girlfriend, but it does seem the easiest way to satisfy both their matchmaking mothers—especially when the man who once broke her heart is coming to town. What better way to protect herself than with a handsome, hardworking farmer for a boyfriend?

Besides, she’s still wondering if there might be something behind the kiss she shared with Jeremy at the Harvest Festival kissing booth—an experience she’d definitely like to repeat.

What she doesn’t count on is that her former flame, Seth Lawson, is all grown up now, both handsome and successful, and ready to make all her dreams come true. Can she trust him with her heart?

And what about Jeremy? He’s just a friend, right? Surely that Harvest Festival kiss was simply a fluke. Maybe it’s time to take matters into her own hands and put her theory to the test.

Welcome to the small town of Forgotten, where people are more concerned about who you are now than what you might have left behind. The novels in this series are stand-alone books, and you can read them in any order. However, the characters are like one big, extended family and often appear in many of the books, so by reading all of them, you can catch up with what your favorite characters are doing now.


LMS says...

"Sweet, fresh, good dialog with realistic family, friend, dating dynamics. The friendships, family, and community love were natural and warm. Laina's and Jeremy's relationship develops naturally, with them enjoying time together and with their families. A very comfortable, engaging story."

Elisha Nichols says...

"As with all of Rachel's books I'm hooked quickly and can't seem to ever get enough. I started this book this afternoon and finished it about midnight, so it's a fast read and I didn't want to stop reading even when I need to do so for silly things like making dinner. Lol"