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Unbounded Novella Unbounded Series #2.75

Set Ablaze

by Teyla Branton, 102 pages

Things tend to explode when Blaze Vincent is around. Literally. But to save his people, he must be willing to take yet one more step over the edge. Enjoy this peek into Ritter Langton’s family. (Read anytime AFTER The Cure, Unbounded #2.)

Stand-alone Unbounded Novella. This time the job is personal . . .

In and out. Do the job. Renegade Blaze Vincent has survived years with this motto. Barely. Plucked from death’s door and revived repeatedly with curequick, he’s developed an addiction that threatens to destroy everything he’s worked for.

Now the Emporium is buying fields around a tiny Portuguese town, and mortals—Blaze’s countrymen—are dying. Blaze and his partner, Kenna Murray, are determined to unravel their enemies’ intentions before the entire town is lost.

But things tend to explode when Blaze is around. Literally. And to save his people, he must be willing to take yet one more step over the edge.

Between The Change (Unbounded Book 1) and The Cure (Unbounded Book 2), Renegade Ritter Langton disappeared for two months. This novella gives a glimpse into his whereabouts during that period of time. However, this story isn’t about him, but about someone very close to him. If you’ve enjoyed the Unbounded series, you will love this extra peek into Ritter’s family.

Please note: Set Ablaze is not as long as the books from Erin’s viewpoint. It can be enjoyed at any time. However, it fits into the Unbounded timeline just after The Change (Book 1) ends and goes partially into the beginning of The Cure (Book 2). Because readers are not made aware of Ritter’s whereabouts until nearly the end of The Cure, I recommend that you read it AFTER The Cure. 


Andrienne says...

"Suspenseful,. page turner, a great read. Kept me wanting to know what happened next."