Lisbon 2019 Parque da Paz in Almada

This is the first of a few pictures I’m going to post about our recent trip to Portugal and important things to see. Since my mother-in-law lives in Cova da Piedade, near Almada, my children always love a quick visit to the Parque da Paz (Park of Peace) to feed the pigeons, ducks, and geese.

Here come the ducks and pigeons! From left to right: my daughter Liana, brother-in-law Jaime, mother-in-law, Maria José, and daughter Lisbon.

Seeing the pigeons

These pigeons are so eager, they’ll land right on your hand to eat the grains we bring them. My mother-in-law shows my kids her new trick with the pigeons. Lisbon is stalking the flock.

Eating out of our hands

Liana got the hang of it right away. The ducks will also eat out of your hands, if you hold them low enough. Below is my daughter Liana (forefront) and my husband, TJ, and my youngest daughter, Lisbon (background).

Liana with the pigeons
feeding the pigeons with grandma

The pigeons are so soft!

Feeding the pigeons

The park has big stretches of grass to play soccer and paved paths for joggers or walkers. It’s a great place to hang out and chill with family.

As the picture-taker, I didn’t get in many pics that day, but I may be able to find one on my hubby’s phone.

Next time I’ll post pictures of a beach or a palace!

Teyla Rachel Branton


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6 Responses to “Lisbon 2019 Parque da Paz in Almada”

  1. Pieter

    Always so peaceful in a park! Glad to see the hats and caps, good prevention against those skin cancer lesions! I can’t wear a cap, my ears’ tips get heavily sunburned (or frostbite depending the season). I had a bad experience with pigeons on a plain in St. Petersburg (Russia), I was really covered in -you know what- :-] as well as some bad scratches on my hand when three of them tried all at once to land on and peck at the pieces of bread in my hand. No thanks, never going to feed pigeons again from a close distance :-/

    • Teyla Rachel Branton

      We are careful about the sun, lol. Especially when we are out and about. I wish I had been more as a child, that’s for sure. Sorry about your scratches. We got a few too, but it was fun.

  2. Cathy Davidson

    I loved the pictures!

  3. Valma

    Thank you for your photos, loved them, you and your family had a great holiday, looking forward to more photos Love Valma ( Australia)


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