New Space Series Legacy of the Unsworn Sneak Peek!

Legacy of the Unsworn by Teyla Branton Sneak Peek

I have been writing! Finally. I’ve recently had some personal challenges that have really prevented me from doing what I love, but I have started a new series while also at the same time continuing something older and beloved. This new series is about the descendents of my Unboundaried/Unbounded/Avowed/Unsworn. The working series title is Legacy of the Unsworn because at the end of my Unbounded series, it was the Unsworn who bucked the system and helped Erin and her team win the day. Her fourth great granddaughter is going to be having her own adventures in space and the goverment alliances begin to fail around them.


I always wanted to write a space opera. I’ve loved watching Star Trek, Star War, Star Gate, Babylon 5, Firefly, and Battlestar Galactica. I love sci-fi books like those by Jack Campbell and others. It seems natural that I should want to write my series set in space. So now, I’m going to do it. Here is the prologue that I wrote mostly to center myself to the backstory. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. (I’m already on chapter four!)


From the Unbounded Earth Histories They had many names over the ages—Avowed, Unboundaried, Unbounded, and, much later, Unsworn and Aeternai. Before mortals on Earth knew of their existence, they were also called vampires, fae, or immortals.

They were indeed unbounded by time. Their two-thousand-year life expectancy seemed everlasting to the mortals whose relatively short lifespans burned and flickered out like the flame of the thinnest candle. They were not, however, immortal, and they could be killed in two ways. The most common was the complete severing of the three focus points of mind, heart, and reproductive system. Starvation in a sealed room where they could not absorb nutrients necessary for life was another way, though this was essentially the same as the first, as true death would only occur after a complete breakdown of the focus point connections, perhaps decades later, after which there was no return.

Their advances in both the science and arts made them envied and desired—and also endangered, secretly hunted by the mortals who wanted to use them. So the Avowed left, shielding their majestic city Sinalta and sinking into the depths of the ocean to live hidden for over three thousand years.

Yet many remained topside, living in secret among the mortals, having separated centuries before from the Avowed. These called themselves Unboundaried or Unbounded. Eventually the Unbounded divided into two groups, the Renegades who protected mortals, and the Emporium who preyed upon and used them. Some mortals called Hunters, themselves descended from Unbounded but not gifted with the Change, sought to kill all Unbounded. The Renegades won the war—but only after making themselves known to the mortal world and making a temporary truce with Hunters.

Eventually, the newly Unbounded discovered and raised Sinalta from the ocean. Then, using a combination of Avowed and Unbounded technologies of shielding and folding space, they built ships, finally leaving Earth in search of their origins, eager to leave behind the mortals who still either hunted or worshipped them. The mortals, however, followed them into space, multiplying like ants and exploring until they had colonized much of the galaxy.

For a century Unbounded and Avowed continued the search, until more than a hundred light years away from Earth, they discovered Aeterna, not a world of long-lost Avowed or Unboundaried ancestors but an uninhabited ancestral planet decimated by civil war. Only records remained. They rebuilt, creating a system of governance that might, finally, stand the test of time.

Aeterna is now home, a refuge of peace for a thousand years. The Avowed, Unboundaried, and Unbounded have become only Aeternai.

Offworld, however, they are still hunted for their long life and abilities. Those who choose to leave Aeterna call themselves the Unsworn.

Hope you are excited for this new series! Let me know in the comments!


Teyla Rachel Branton

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  1. Rhonda Bush

    The unbounded series is my favorite. I can’t wait to see what happens in this new one!

  2. Penny Deakins

    Excited for this but sad you are done with the Unbounded books. Will definitely be reading this new book.

    • Teyla Rachel Branton

      Glad you’re excited. And since the Unsworn ARE Unbounded, and we will get to see appearances from the old crew, I hope you love this one too. And I won’t say never. Because there was a lot of turmoil getting into this “future,” and at some point, I could go back and tell those Unbounded stories!

  3. Lynnette

    This sounds awesome, excited to hear about it!

  4. Laura

    It certainly sounds intriguing! I’m interested to read more…

  5. charlene capodice

    very excited about this new venture!


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