The Takeover by Teyla Brantoninterview

Interview with Teyla Rachel Branton about The Takeover

I was interviewed by eBooks India. Here’s a peek at what we discussed.

My Book Cave Movie-like Ratings for Books

Movie-like Ratings for Books are Here!

I loved this idea from the minute I heard about it! Here is the full press release!

The Takeover by Teyla Branton

Update on The Takeover

If you’re reading this, you probably noticed that The Takeover, the fifth book in the Unbounded series is not yet out. Here is the latest news.

Authors take back your book rights before it's too late

Authors—Take Back Your Book Rights Before It’s Too Late!

Did you sign away your book rights without really understanding what you were doing?  A little-known copyright law could help you get your rights back.

speaking engagement

Speaking in Park City, Utah

I will be presenting Making Imaginary Characters Real at the Heart of the West Romance Writers of America Utah Chapter’s 2013 Writers Conference.

speaking engagement

Writers Conference Presentation

On Saturday August 17, I’ll be presenting at a writers conference on Writing With a Tight Schedule—Tips and Ideas (plus Writing With Kids).

What Those Stars Mean to Authors (Or when should I give 5 stars)

Reviews: What Those Stars Mean to Authors (or When Should I Give 5 Stars)

As an author, I occasionally read the reviews of my books on Amazon, and sometimes this is a torturous event. Here’s the scoop on what those stars really mean to authors.

Romance without erotica

Romance Without Erotica

Can novels be romantic without containing erotica? I was on a writing panel to discuss this issue.

Adding the Start Tag in a Mobi (Kindle) File Using Calibre

Adding the Start Tag in a Mobi (Kindle) File Using Calibre

Can’t get your calibre-formatted mobi file to open on Chapter One? Here’s the secret to getting that Kindle ebook to open right where you want it to.

Making Imaginary Characters Real

Making Imaginary Characters Real

Get to know your character! One of the things I’m often asked to speak about is how to create realistic characters. Here are some tips I’ve learned over twenty years.