Teyla Rachel Branton website - 10 Funny Grammar Mistakes on Signs

10 Funny Grammar Mistakes on Signs

I hope you laugh out loud at these funny mistakes. I did! This first picture I took myself.

Message in Annie Get Your Gun

Message in Annie Get Your Gun

I was excited when it came time to watch Annie Get Your Gun, but is this the message we want to send our girls?

Exclusives and Freebies

How to Download Your Mobi Ebook File to Your Kindle or Kindle App

Here is a quick tutorial to get you on your way to reading your Teyla Rachel Branton subscriber exclusive ebooks on Kindle or a Kindle app.

What Teyla Rachel Branton is working on now

What I’m Working on Now

I’m busy at work and loving my new projects! The trick is choosing which idea to write next.

I Don't Want to Eat Bugs by Rachel Branton featured image

I Don’t Want to Eat Bugs: The Pictures that Inspired the Illustrations

Can a little girl really eat a mouse? A peek at the pictures behind the illustrations in I Don’t Want to Eat Bugs.

Unbounded Series by Teyla Branton

Unbounded Series Order and Timeline

Since we put book numbers on the Unbounded novellas, I’ve had some questions about the numbering and when to read them. Here’s the scoop.

I Love You, Mommy

Today my four-year-old daughter told me she loved me . . .

Community Site with Movie-like Ratings for Books — Join the Effort

A site dedicated to movie-like ratings for books? I’ve searched for sites before, but there doesn’t seem to be anything out these specifically dedicated to books on a large scale like ESRB or MPAA. But that might be changing.

Search For the Easter Basket

“Tell the Easter Bunny I want my basket hidden really hard,” my daughter said yesterday.

Royal Quest by Rachel Branton

New Release, Royal Quest

My novella Royal Quest, set in the brand new Kindle World of the Royals of Monterra, is now available on Amazon!