What I’m Working on Now

Note: This post was last updated on February 7, 2018.

What Teyla Rachel Branton is working on now

What I’ve just finished or am waiting on

I’ve finished the last read-through on Blinded (Imprints, Book 5).  This is part of a series returned to me by my former publisher. I’m just waiting for the formatting files for this book, but it will be out on ebook retailers March 20. The fourth book, Under Fire is out as of February 6th on Nook and will come out everywhere else on February 20th.

Upstaged (Imprints, Book 4 will be out January 20th). Meanwhile, I just completed and published an all-new free prequel novella to the series called First Touch. Click here for free purchase links.

And read on for what I’m on to now.

So will the next book be a Teyla or Rachel novel?

While I’m always thinking ahead on plots for both my romance and my sci-fi/fantasy, I usually only do actual writing on one book at a time. I love to immerse myself in the world. I’m super excited about continuing the Imprints series beyond the five books. I’ve been waiting a really long time to write more of these. But after getting the five out again so quickly, I need a little change. Writers are sometimes fickle that way. We must go where the story calls.

So for new writing, I am working on the sequel to Sketches (Colony Six Book 1). But growing up in the Coop for my character was so fascinating that I will likely write a short prequel to Sketches to show her life there a little better as well.  So that’s what’s coming for Teyla. I’m way behind on all of this because I wasn’t able to write as fast as I’d hoped on 2017, but overall, it’s going well. I hoped to have the second Colony Six book out in April, but . . . we’ll see.

And Rachel?

I am writing another Lily’s House novella for charity (more about that at a later date). Eventually after the fundraiser is over, that story will go in the same book as Cowboys Can’t Lie (it’s about Tara’s roommate), and together those books will eventually become book 7 in the Lily’s House series. But before that happens, I’m writing book 6 about Hala (yes, finally!). So the charity novella will be in a compilation of other novellas for a year, and while that’s happening, I’ll be writing and publishing Hala’s book (in between the Colony 6 releases). Then after the year is up, the novella will go in with Cowboys and become book 7 of the Lily’s House series.

I also have the final romance book that I got back the right from my publisher. So somewhere in the middle of all this, I’ll re-read that and get it out for my romance readers. It’s a cool story about how far a father will go to protect his child, and I think you’ll love it. As per agreement with my former publisher (like with all my reprinted books), I have to choose a new title and a new cover for the book. I’ll update this when I have a title.

Other Upcoming Books

I’m also planning a brand new Rachel Branton series that takes place in a Midwest town. The first novel is already strong in my head and I’ve written down a bunch of details and have character outlines. At this point it’s just a matter or carving out time to get the rest on metaphorical paper. I’m super excited about this series. I’ll probably intersperse writing this series intermittently with the new Teyla Branton Colony Six series. It’s really fun for me to switch back and forth. I think it makes the ideas fresher and keeps me from being repetitive.

And yes! There will be another Unbounded series. I’ll be writing a second generation about Erin’s daughter as soon as I finish Colony Six. I wish there were more of me to write these all simultaneously.

I also have story running through my head about a family of witches (well, I don’t call them that), and I’m looking forward to someday telling their strange and fun stories. It’ll be paranormal romance, I think. But will probably end up being suspense, lol.

So that’s the plan. Unless some my characters hijack me and force me to do something else. Which they have been known to do. They are very insistent at times. If so, I’ll update this blog with whatever is current.

Thank you for your support. I really appreciate my readers. I couldn’t write and publish stories I love without you!

Teyla Racchel Branton

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10 Responses to “What I’m Working on Now”

  1. Elisha Roberts

    I’m really excited about all of your new books, but especially the Unbounded series. I can’t wait to read the new books and thank you for being such an amazing writer!!!

  2. Teyla Rachel Branton

    Thank you, Elisha!

  3. Karen Frost

    Thank you for the updates I’m not really into Sci/phi but love the rest am starting on the house of lies. I really like your page it has made my day. Your writing is phenomenal keep up the good work.

    • Teyla Rachel Branton

      Hi Karen. Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my books.

  4. Tammy Beverley

    I love your books! I just read your prequel to the Autumn Rain series an absolutely loved it! I have all your books except the colony ones and loved them and now my daughter’s read them and read them over and over again! Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I’m sorry for your rough time the last few years I hope it will all go better for you now.

    • Teyla Rachel Branton

      Thanks, Tammy. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I’ve been wanting to write it for a long time, and now that I have the rights back, it’s been so fun to revisit the series. I’m glad you’re still with me. It has been a long three years, but things are going better now!

  5. Tiffany Tolman

    Thanks for the update, Rachel. I love your books. Can’t wait for the new ones to come out.


    I love the Unbounded series. I am on the third book right now. Keep up the good reads.


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