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Imprints #7

Hidden Intent

by Teyla Branton, 314 pages

When Autumn Rain’s friend begs for help in clearing her doctor boyfriend of negligent homicide, she dives willingly into the case. But someone wants to stop Autumn from digging too deep, and she’ll need all her special abilities—and maybe even a new one—to fight back. “For fans of Medium and Ghost Whisperer.”

A fiery revelation has Autumn rethinking everything

When Autumn Rain’s friend begs for help in clearing her doctor boyfriend of negligent homicide, Autumn dives willingly into the case—right along with her homicide detective fiancé.

Autumn’s ability to see scenes and read emotions imprinted on physical objects soon uncovers a list of suspects. She will go to any length to find the truth, even if that means calling a screeching halt to her own wedding plans.

Meanwhile, a talented young music prodigy is accused of vandalism that will ruin his chance at a future if Autumn doesn’t find the real culprit. But the boy isn’t talking, and Autumn must figure out why. Who is he protecting?

Someone wants to stop Autumn from her search, and she’ll need all her abilities—and maybe even a new one—to fight back.


DDewey says...

"Another compelling installation of of the imprints series! All of Ms. Branton's books are mesmerizing, engaging, and captivating to the point of keeping you up well into the night. But her Autumn Rain series is absolutely one of my favorites of all time. She masterfully twines Intriguing plot twists, luscious characters, and compelling story lines all together in a "magically" delightful, and thrilling read! Very highly recommended!!!"

Candy says...

"I LOVED THE BOOK. The fire and aftermath had me in tears, both sad tears and happy touched tears when everyone came to help. I love how Cody is stepping up and becoming a part of Autumn and Tawnia's lives without expecting to be "Dad." The mystery was perfect as was the minor vandalism mystery . . . I smiled, cried, laughed, got angry, and every other emotion possible. I can't wait to see what happens on their honeymoon. Loved the little teaser about that too."

Holly says...

"I loved this latest Autumn Rain book. Autumn and her family are growing and the personalities are meshing so well. The mystery was well written and had me guessing almost right up to the end. Fast paced and exciting right to the end with a merry-go-round of emotions and an insight to maybe a new gift? Can’t wait to read the next adventure!"

A Brown says...

"I love the stories of Autumn Rain they are always filled with excitement and danger. A lot of action goes on and the supernatural aspect is fantastic or as Autumn Rain says she uses her brain more than others. I loved this one the best and have been waiting for it for awhile now. Teyla Branton has done a fantastic job in keeping one enthralled on each page."

Whitney Foster says...

"This one draws you in right from the start . . . All of our favorite characters are back Autumn, Shannon, Tawnia, Jake, Cody, Paige, Eli, Matthew, and more. I loved seeing Shannon's parents make an appearance and getting to know them a bit. I can't help but love watching Shannon and Autumn grow ever closer as they solve the mysteries and finally see their long awaited wedding. Of course Teyla does a great job wrapping up this fantastic story but also makes you crave more! Pick up Hidden Intent and immerse yourself in the fast paced world of Autumn Rain you won't be able to put it down!"

Elisha Nichols says...

"What a great book. There is never a dull moment for Ms. Rain. While part of me was exhausted just reading about a day in the life of Ms. Rain, I was excited to see that there truly weren't any parts of the story that seemed to drag. It's pretty fast paced and at times it can be difficult to keep track of all the moving pieces and characters. The book is wrapped up nicely with a clear way to add to the series without leaving it on a cliff hanger! I honestly loved this book . . ."

Paul Cobbs says...

"I have read every book in this series. And as much as I loved the first one, they just keep getting better. I love where Branton is taking the story, and I love the way she is developing her characters."