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Imprints #6 COMING SOON: October 2019

Street Smart

by Teyla Branton, 332 pages

Psychic Autumn Rain goes undercover in a biker gang to find a missing woman in a case that’s her most dangerous yet.

What secrets lurk behind the innocent smiles? Long-awaited 6th novel in the Imprints series coming October 31st!

When a lady biker vanishes two days before her planned wedding anniversary ride, Autumn Rain dons her leather jacket and goes undercover to investigate. Police are sure the husband is responsible, but Autumn’s ability to read emotions and experiences imprinted on certain objects gives her a different take.

Meanwhile Autumn’s fiancé, homicide Detective Shannon Martin, is investigating a series of murders, and he also needs Autumn’s unusual talent. Soon Autumn is heading down a path no one else can see, where secrets and jealousies drive insanity, and where minutes mean the difference between life and death.

Join Autumn in a case that’s her most dangerous yet


Sue Richards says...

"So excited for another Imprints book. The first chapter already has me hooked!"