I Don't Want to Eat Bugs by Rachel Branton featured image

I Don’t Want to Eat Bugs: The Pictures that Inspired the Illustrations

Can a little girl really eat a mouse? A peek at the pictures behind the illustrations in I Don’t Want to Eat Bugs.

I Love You, Mommy

Today my four-year-old daughter told me she loved me . . .

Search For the Easter Basket

“Tell the Easter Bunny I want my basket hidden really hard,” my daughter said yesterday.

The Takeover by Teyla Brantoninterview

Interview with Teyla Rachel Branton about The Takeover

I was interviewed by eBooks India. Here’s a peek at what we discussed.

What Those Stars Mean to Authors (Or when should I give 5 stars)

Reviews: What Those Stars Mean to Authors (or When Should I Give 5 Stars)

As an author, I occasionally read the reviews of my books on Amazon, and sometimes this is a torturous event. Here’s the scoop on what those stars really mean to authors.