Finding Home

by Rachel Branton
3 books Status: 3 Book Series Completed

While searching for answers, Liana makes a shocking discovery that just might mean the end of everything she's ever believed. (From Take Me Home.) In this series, three women search not only for a place to call home but finally discover where they belong. Stories are women's fiction with a strong vein of romance.

Finding Home #1

Take Me Home

Still haunted by the death of her parents, Liana struggles to get close to anyone—including the relatives who adopted her. But will an unexpected bond with businessman Austin give her the strength to open her heart?

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Finding Home #2

All That I Love

One choice, one decision, has led Mercedes to this place. How can she live with the consequences?

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Finding Home #3

Then I Found You

Danger looms as Tawnia tries to unravel the clues both to the past and to a current tragedy. Will she find what she is looking for, or will everything she cares about slip once again from her grasp?

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