What I’m Working on Now

Note: This post was last updated on March 27, 2017.

What Teyla Rachel Branton is working on now

I’ve finished Sketches (Colony Six, Book 1), except for edits, and it’s slated for release on June 20, 2017 in both print and ebook. Make sure to get the special discount price for the ebook by preordering! And read on for what I’m on to now.

So will it be a Teyla or Rachel novel?

While I’m always thinking ahead on plots for both my romance and my sci-fi/fantasy, I usually only do actual writing on one book at a time. I love to immerse myself in the world. Right now, I’m finishing a short romance novella connected with the Lily’s House series (by Rachel Branton) that will be an exclusive for my current subscribers. Then I’ll finish a full-length romance novel in that same world about Saffron, the first and oldest of Lily’s foster girls. The grown-up Saffron has been romantically isolated for a lot of years after losing her baby as a teen and going to live at Lily’s House. She never lets any of her relationships develop into seriousness, but now as she breaks up yet again, and this time with a man who seems to be a fantastic catch, she finally understands that she has to face her past—especially her mother and the boy she loved—before she can move forward. I’m so excited to write her story. The novella will be out in April, and the novel I’m not sure yet. I’d like to have it out at least by June, but it could be July.

There are two other girls from House Without Lies, Halla and Elsie, and I’ll eventually tell their stories too.

I’m also planning a brand new series that takes place in a Midwest town. The first novel is already strong in my head and I’ve written down details. At this point it’s just a matter or carving out time to get the rest on metaphorical paper. I’m super excited about this series. I’ll probably intersperse writing this series with the new Teyla Branton Colony Six series. It’s really fun for me to switch back and forth. I think it makes the ideas fresher and keeps me from being repetitive.

And Teyla?

With the upcoming release of Sketches schedules and well on it’s way. It’s time for me to write book 2! But growing up in the Coop for my character was so fascinating that I’ve decided to write a short prequel to Sketches to show her life there a little better.  Then I’ll tackle book 2. So that’s what’s coming for Teyla (after the two Lily’s House books). I’m hoping to have the novella out in time for the release of Sketches (and I’ll be sending the prequel to my subscribers for free), and book 2 in August, but we’ll see!

And yes! There will be another Unbounded series. I’ll be writing a second generation about Erin’s daughter.

Books from my old publisher

For those of you who don’t know, I used to publish with a traditional publisher, and I’m hoping to get back the rights to two of my series. If I do, I’ll be rewriting and re-releasing those rather quickly. One 5-book series is paranormal mystery (with romantic elements) that I’ll release under Teyla Branton. I plan to write more in that series. The other four books are contemporary romances that I’ll publish under Rachel Branton.

So that’s the plan. Unless some my characters hijack me and force me to do something else. Which they might do. If so, I’ll update this blog with whatever is current.

Thank you for your support. I really appreciate my readers. I couldn’t write and publish stories I love without you!

Teyla Racchel Branton

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  1. Elisha Roberts

    I’m really excited about all of your new books, but especially the Unbounded series. I can’t wait to read the new books and thank you for being such an amazing writer!!!

  2. Teyla Rachel Branton

    Thank you, Elisha!

  3. Karen Frost

    Thank you for the updates I’m not really into Sci/phi but love the rest am starting on the house of lies. I really like your page it has made my day. Your writing is phenomenal keep up the good work.

    • Teyla Rachel Branton

      Hi Karen. Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my books.


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