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Unbounded #4

The Escape

by Teyla Branton

Renegade Unbounded are the last line of defense between the ruthless Emporium and unsuspecting humanity, but how long can they continue the struggle alone?

They Have Become the Guardians of Humanity

Three weeks of waiting to free their allies from an Emporium compound in New York City have Erin Radkey and her Renegade friends on edge. Frustrations run even higher when they uncover a new Emporium plot involving the nation’s highest leaders, a plan full of more deceit than Erin imagined possible. With each passing day, the pendulum swings closer to world-wide Emporium rule and mortal servitude.

Making sense of her personal life is every bit as challenging as being a guardian of humanity. Erin fears that her increasing abilities will alienate everyone around her, including those who love her most. Her relationship with Ritter Langton has been on hold these past anxious weeks, and though their connection runs undeniably deep, the constant presence of the mortal Keene McIntyre adds to the tension between them. Choices loom before Erin that affect not only her personal life but how she does her job.

With political intrigue and non-stop action, the Escape adds satisfying dimension to the Unbounded world, whose characters and storyline have captured the imaginations of thousands of readers.


Peggy G. Wheeler says...

"This series is Awesome! Erin rocks! This is book 3 in the Unbounded series and it is the most intense so far. It has been a long time since a series or a singular novel has captured my attention as much as this one has."

Eva says...

"I have loved this series from the start. The characters are awesome, even the bad ones. Suspense, Action, and a little Romance takes you on a wonderful ride. Each book closes easily but also leaving you anticipating what's to come. Teyla has constructed a world that's different but also real."

EBW says...

"The best of the series so far. Branton excels in character development giving us an array of people to care about throughout the telling. This volume has action, mystery, suspense and romance blended together with a healthy dose of political intrigue. I am looking forward to reading The Reckoning, Unbounded Book 4, already available at Amazon."

Not much on writing reviews says...

"Highly addictive series. Loved the series! Can't wait for the next book to come out. She is a skilled writer who makes you feel like you in tun with the main character. Immortals, action, romance, good plot, great characters, and lots of weapons! Who could ask for more?"