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Unbounded #9

The Unsworn

by Teyla Branton

After the escape of the most dangerous man in the world, Erin and her crew must race to gain control of a fabled city before he uses its technology to control the entire world. Urban fantasy with terrifying consequences, powerful romance, and non-stop action.

An Underwater City Becomes a Battleground for the Future of the World

While the world watches, the city of the Avowed is rising from the depths of the ocean where it has existed for thousands of years. Like a miracle, it surfaces, an entire city filled with four million long-lived people who have amazing abilities. Yet under the guise of friendliness, Erin’s biological father, a temporary unwilling guest of the Avowed, has gone missing. Erin is determined to find him, but devastating news of a breach at the Renegade prison compound in Mexico must take priority.

Erin and her team race around the world to recapture their prisoner and to stop three separate plots targeting control of the Avowed city and its advanced technology. Failure means certain war. Above all, she must safeguard the secret of the Avowed seer, or innocent blood will be on her hands. She’s almost sure that means she’ll have to kill him. Permanently.

Meanwhile, Erin is undergoing a personal metamorphosis, and her Unbounded genes exult in her newfound abilities. She isn’t quite sure if she can believe in herself or tolerate the risk to the baby that means everything to the man she loves. But Erin refuses to back down as she protects both her friends, family, and the mortals she has sworn to protect.

Get ready for a fast-paced read and plenty of action in this new installment of the bestselling Unbounded series. Urban fantasy with terrifying consequences, powerful romance, and characters who, despite their great abilities, are uniquely human.