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Cover Reveal for Sketches, Colony Six # 1

Yippee! It’s here, and the cover reflects one of my favorite scenes from the book.

Sneak Peek of Sketches (Colony Six, Book 1)

It’s been a lot of fun exploring and inventing this new world. Here is a sneak peek of the first chapter. Enjoy!

Portuguese Pastry Mil Folhas Part 2

I’ve posted about my foray in to making mil folhas, and it didn’t go so well. But I REALLY love these pastries, and I’ve never been a quitter. So I tried again.

Fantasy Reader Mug and $10 Gift Card Giveaway

We all need a little fantasy in our lives to make it more enjoyable. Enter to win the mug or the gift card, even if you’re already signed up for my readers list. Good luck!